The emphasis is on innovation teaching, continuous monitoring and evaluation through tutorials,
laboratory classes and participation in co-curricular activities.


It's a platform for students to display their talents. While all of us are studying the theory of engineering, we seldom get an opportunity to work on applications. Without working on the applications of engineering, the field will seem dry and meaningless. While we are working on building our CGPA, we forget the whole purpose of engineering: to make life easier (and more meaningful). Thus, Technozion helps students showcase their talents and helps them to think. Technozion has multiple events, workshops and guest lectures for students to participate in, and learn from.

What our Campus Environment

The College Environment: Factors Influencing Student Transition and Their Impact on Academic Advising. ... Thus, the campus environment and its effects on the student population can be addressed in three settings: peer interactions, classroom environment, and physical environment.

Green-Campus aims to make environmental awareness and action an intrinsic part of the life and ethos of a college.

-Nibedita / Polytechnic

Wifi Campus. The whole campus is well connected through wired as well as wireless networks.

-Nibedita / Polutechnic

We encourage everyone to go completely cashless as it will help our country to rely on currency notes or coins as it incur the cost of paper, metals and printing which is very very huge.

-Nibedita / Polytechnic

Campus Address at Bagmara, Jalangi,Murshidabad, WB-742305