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1. Attitude at the entry point Just like it is in the corporate world, the people at the front desk of any school (their office staff) can say a lot about what kind of school it is that you are about to get into. So if this point of entry is inviting to teachers, parents as well as students, then this means that all is most likely well. However, if this is not the case, then you need to find out why this is so. 2. Honest and regular communication Leadership in a good school will ensure that its staff as well as teachers, students plus parents are constantly updated on whatever is happening in the school. This way there will be little room given to rumors, gossips and what have you. 3. The Principal's attitude One other person that you will likely meet with besides the office staff before working in a school is the principal. And, this person's attitude is critically important as far as you and the entire school is concerned. If this person is almost always absent, ill-mannered or never open to innovations, then such an individual will be obviously difficult to relate with and work for. 4. The presence of teamwork A school where teamwork is present among most of the teachers is a sign of a good or an effective school. Now this can only happen if the school in question encourages this or has a departmental leadership that models same. 5. Community involvement and support The involvement of the community in a school located within it says a lot about this school. A good school will usually have recognized leaders of the community wanting to share their experience as well as talents with this school.

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